When Fletcher Clark first appeared at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, it soon became clear he was a musician. He began to play with our small band in church, adding to their hymns songs he and others had written. I told him that his ministry was to share his talent with others. The church began to grow and I believe that much of the growth is the result of Fletcher and our music. Recently, I urged him to collect his songs into a personal hymnal to share with the congregation.

The Rev. Tom C. Bruns

Fletcher Clark brings his musical ministry to congregations and groups throughout Texas. Drawing on the repertoire of faith-based songs his has written for his home church, Emmanuel Episcopal in Lockhart, this veteran songwriter weaves the back-stories of the songs into a program which is both entertaining and enlightening. Such presentations are typically open to the public as a community outreach event, especially for smaller congregations which lack the resources for a more diverse musical ministry. Larger congregations already accustomed to a wider range of music and presentation may already have their own concert series, and welcome the refreshing style and message of this seasoned professional. He has composed a complete Folk Mass to be presented for a Sunday morning service, followed later in the afternoon or evening by a concert in the parish hall or Sanctuary.

Fletcher has appeared for congregations in Cuero, Brady, Gonzales, Luling, Spring, Marble Falls, and Port Aransas, with upcoming appearances in Kerrville, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and a dozen other communities and congregations. Copies of his CD and printed hymnal are available at the social receptions many groups present following each concert.

Now twelve songs on a new CD from

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"Fletcher Clark brings his far-ranging musical experience to the genre of hymnwriting - these songs are fresh takes on the shared, familiar vocabulary of the Christian
spiritual tradition."
The Very Reverend Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, President
Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest

"This is an impressive blend of the personal, the human, the devotional, and the spiritual. Open Up the Doors should appeal to all music directors and congregations interested in music that successfully combines contemporary expression with traditional themes."
Kevin Mooney, Assistant Professor of Music
Texas State University

"Fletcher has truly been inspired by a living and loving
God to compose this hymnal collection. It is a
blessing that it is now available for all to use."
Chuck Parsons, Author/Historian
Review Editor - The Journal of South Texas

"What I like about them is their simple clarity. Good strong, clear lyrics matched to singable, rhythmically
stable tunes. I would expect your songs would be
very popular in some of the more mainstream,
evangelical (even conservative) churches."
Mark Evans, Author/Professor
'Open Up the Doors: Music in the Modern Church'
Macquarie University, Sydney

"We do indeed have a ministry of music,
and I am thankful to share mine with you!"
Julie Michie, Organist
Emmanuel Episcopal Church

"If you love music and desire to have it interwoven into your worship service, I highly recommend this collection of hymns to add to the spiritual and inspirational aspect of your religious life."
Donaly Brice, Author/Historian
Texas State Archivist Emeritus

When I settled in Lockhart, Texas, I had the intention of visiting a different church each Sunday. I began with Emmanuel Episcopal, the denomination in which I was raised. I was captivated by the simple elegance of this small chapel, its modest wooden pews, and the casual yet pious demeanor of the congregants. The organist played well the church music on a vintage Hammond, but her phrasing made clear the unmistakable depth of her musicality. There was no choir, but everyone sang uninhibitedly. The service seemed familiar, but then the kindly rector completed his straight-forward and meaningful sermon in seven minutes! There was a folk trio making a joyful noise with a simple version of an old standard. I was hooked, and set aside my plan of visiting other churches. I had come home. The doors had opened and I walked in.

Fr. Tom Bruns told me in his gentle yet firm voice that music was my ministry - a viewpoint I had never considered. I had written some faith-based songs, but when he asked me to join the Original Sinners, our folk group, I discovered that every note I played on my mandolin had an angelic resonance with the acoustics of the chapel. I seized the opportunity to apply my God-given creative gifts with the guidance of my Higher Power, my muse.

Fletcher Clark


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